The Estate Gardener's Gin
The Estate Gardener's Gin

The Estate Gardener's Gin

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This is our third collaboration with the local Sky Wave Distillery in Bicester, created after consultation with the Palace’s Estate Gardener. We wanted to create something reminiscent of summer events on the Palace lawns, whilst also reflecting botanicals grown in the Palace gardens, honouring the year-round hard work by the Head Gardener and her team.

Starting with a brand new gin - it is not based on our Signature Gin - which nonetheless still uses the Blenheim orange apple from the Palace gardens, we then added the natural flavours of strawberries and summer fruits before resting and bottling the result.

On the nose, strawberries are immediately evident, bringing to mind tennis, freshly cut lawns and tree climbing. This is also immediately present on the palate. Summer fruits play a subtle supporting role, and the juniper is clearly also playing its part, making this a true gin and not an overly-sweet liqueur.

Enjoy with plenty of ice and your favourite tonic, soda water or lemonade.  Please drink responsibly.