Cordelia Gold Seahorse Pendant
Cordelia Gold Seahorse Pendant

Cordelia Gold Seahorse Pendant

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The unique nature of the seahorse means that is has a fairly rich symbolic history across a variety of cultures, from Ancient Greece to China. Believed to be a symbol of strength and power, but also of patience and contentment the seahorse has long been considered a good luck talisman for sailors.

The Wild and Fine range of seahorses is created using antique specimens from a private natural history collection, which were returned in pristine condition once Jess had finished with them. Any gemstones used have been ethically sourced.

Weight: 11.2g

Dimensions: 42 x 18 mm

Material: 18ct Gold vermeil

Gemstones: Blue Tourmaline - Also known as Indicolite, which refers to its deep blue colour, this is one of the more rare types of tourmaline. It is closely linked to deep water and is believed to promote clear and honest communication. A piece of blue tourmaline under your pillow is thought to aid sleep and promote insightful dreaming.